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Author: redjawgreen

What to expect during you intake appointment when selecting a personal injury lawyer Delray Beach

When you consult with a personal injury lawyer Delray Beach that you feel will best represent you and your injury claim, you will be asked to come in for what is known as an intake appointment.  During an intake appointment, a representative from the firm will take all your information pertaining to the incident and prepare you for the claim process. Depending on the nature of the personal injury incident and the claim, the information and/or documents needed by a personal injury lawyer Delray Beach will vary. Prior to the scheduling of the meeting, you will be informed as to what is needed for your...

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How an accident attorney Boca Raton deals with insurance companies

If you have been injured in an accident that was caused by someone else’s negligence, you will likely be interacting with an insurance company, either directly or indirectly. If you a hire an accident attorney Boca Raton, they will deal with the insurance company on your behalf.  In most personal injury cases, the insurance company for the negligent party handles all of the work when it comes to settlements and settlement offers to the injured party. It is important to understand that in a personal injury case, the defendant’s insurance company is not on your side. The insurance company’s primary goal is to keep as much of its own money as possible...

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The Greenberg & Strelitz, P.A. team gives back to the community

Firm Administrator, Janet Greenberg, of Greenberg & Strelitz, P.A., is a volunteer at Blanket Buddies which is held at the Congregation B’nai Israel (CBI) in Boca Raton.  The Blanket Buddies program is a group of dedicated volunteers who create cozy blankets which are distributed to local hospital and cancer treatment centers for adults and children. This is done with the goal of comforting patients as they go through their various treatments. The work that these volunteers do is made possible through the generosity of its donors. The Blanket Buddies organization is always looking for passionate volunteers to aide in comforting those...

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What can determine the length of a case with an injury lawyer Delray Beach

Personal injury cases resulting from a car accident, like a snowflake, are unique in that no two are entirely the same. Some accident cases resolve quickly, but for others, it can take a lengthy period of time to reach a settlement or jury verdict.  An injury lawyer Delray Beach can often guide an injured person when it comes to getting an understanding as to how long a case may take.  However, there is no clear-cut way to determine the length of a case.  Case length is dependent upon numerous factors. If you have been the victim of a car accident...

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Who is liable for a slip and fall Boca Raton?

A slip and fall Boca Raton is a common way in which people sustain injuries in public. Being injured in this way can leave an individual hurt, unable to work, in debt due to medical bills. It is often a confusing and difficult time for these injured individuals, and a slip and fall Boca Raton attorney can provide much needed direction. If a person is involved in a slip and fall Boca Raton at a commercial or public facility, the most popular question posed is “Who can I hold accountable for the injuries and damages sustained in this incident?” Typically, the...

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