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Dangerous Medical Devices

Personal Injury Deserves Personal Service

Too often, in their efforts to rush new products onto the market, manufacturers ignore safe practices and fail to conduct adequate testing that could have revealed the dangers of their products. In certain cases, medical device makers are aware of dangers associated with their products before ever placing them on the market. Approval of a product by the FDA does not immunize the manufacturer from liability, and deaths and injuries can occur even when the devices have been used according to the manufacturers’ warnings and instructions.

Manufacturers do not create devices with the intention of hurting patients. A device becomes defective when it is not properly tested or the research is not conclusive before the product is designed. It is the FDA’s responsibility to protect the public from any health hazards that may be caused by a defective medical device or implant. New products undergo years of laboratory and clinical testing before they are approved for widespread use. However, these tests are not infallible. Often, despite the FDA’s rigorous approval process, dangerous medical products are introduced into the marketplace. Unfortunately, it is only after a significant number of consumers become injured and file legal complaints that a mass recall is issued.

Our South Florida defective medical device attorneys bring both resources and experience to the table. We have represented clients in many different types of claims arising from medical devices. Our attorneys have worked tirelessly throughout their careers to fight for the rights of injured people like you.

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