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Who is liable for a slip and fall Boca Raton?

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Who is liable for a slip and fall Boca Raton?

A slip and fall Boca Raton is a common way in which people sustain injuries in public. Being injured in this way can leave an individual hurt, unable to work, in debt due to medical bills. It is often a confusing and difficult time for these injured individuals, and a slip and fall Boca Raton attorney can provide much needed direction.

If a person is involved in a slip and fall Boca Raton at a commercial or public facility, the most popular question posed is “Who can I hold accountable for the injuries and damages sustained in this incident?” Typically, the party responsible for the condition and upkeep of the premises on which the slip and fall occurred can be held liable for any injuries sustained. In many cases, this means it would be the owner of the property or the tenant leasing the property. In other circumstances, a third-party, such as a maintenance/cleaning company, could potentially be held liable if their negligence caused or contributed to causing the incident. An example of this is a cleaning company that does not properly warn patrons of what could potentially cause an accident to occur such as a wet floor that was recently mopped. An attorney will be able to help you identify the responsible parties, and determine the validity of your claim(s).

It is important to remember that not every slip and fall case results in financial compensation. Therefore, it is essential to have the unique facts of each incident reviewed by a slip and fall Boca Raton attorney that is knowledgeable about the law surrounding premises liability claims in the State of Florida. Some important considerations for slip and fall cases include: whether he or she caused the fall, what type of hazard caused the incident, and whether the property owner/tenant knew or should have known about the condition of the area that caused the accident, the amount of time a transitory foreign substance existed on the floor, and whether an incident report was completed.

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