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Stages of a Personal Injury Case with an accident lawyer Boca Raton

Greenberg Injury Law - Personal Injury Attorney in Boca Raton, Florida > Accident Lawyer  > Stages of a Personal Injury Case with an accident lawyer Boca Raton

Stages of a Personal Injury Case with an accident lawyer Boca Raton

Every personal injury case has many different aspects to it, but the basic stages of a case from start to finish usually remain consistent. The accident lawyer Boca Raton that you decide to hire will be working with your best interest in mind, and will guide you through each of these stages. To give a basic understanding of how a case may progress, below are the stages typically seen in a personal injury case:

    1. Initial Intake & Pre-Suit/Pre-Litigation
      This stage is the beginning of the legal process. This is when your accident lawyer Boca Raton will initially meet with you, and begin all the work of gathering the necessary facts and documentation regarding your case. The you will typically be in the process of receiving medical care at this stage, and your attorneys will begin the process of learning the true extent of your injuries.
    2. Demand-Pre-Suit/Pre-Litigation Settlement Negotiations
      At this stage, attorneys will prepare a demand package that includes a detailed letter setting forth your claim that encompasses medical records, medical bills, photographs, police reports, incident reports, and other supporting documentation. Once the appropriate insurance carriers or claim adjusters have received and reviewed the demand package, negotiations will typically ensue in an effort to reach an amicable resolution.  If these negotiations are successful, both sides can avoid going to trial and the case concludes.  If an agreement between the involved parties cannot be met, then the case will likely move forward into litigation.
    3. Litigation/Trial Stage.
      This stage is where the attorneys will file a lawsuit presenting the appropriate legal claims against the adverse party(ies). A period of discovery will begin where evidence is collected and exchanged.  Depositions are also taken during the discovery stage.  Ultimately, the case will be scheduled for trial.  There are typically times during this stage where the parties will attempt to settle the case.  If the parties do not reach an amicable resolution, the case will proceed to trial.
    4. Trial.
      At this stage, both sides will make a formal presentation of evidence to a jury and a judge.  You will likely experience jury selection, opening statements, witness testimony, expert testimony, and the presentation of physical evidence during a trial.
    5. Resolution & Closing Stage.
      Most cases resolve when the parties reach a settlement. However, some cases proceed to verdict, and a final judgment will ultimately be entered.  Once the monetary amount of the resolution is determined, your attorneys will begin the process of working to maximize your settlement.  At this stage, your attorneys will take steps to try and reduce medical bills, and insurance liens.  Ultimately, you will be provided a Closing Statement that reflects how the funds will be disbursed.  Upon your approval and execution of the Closing Statement, the funds will typically be disbursed.
    6. Appeal and Post-Judgment Motions Stage (If necessary).
      In some instances, an accident lawyer Boca Raton may find an issue that needs to be appealed. An appeal is typically an attempt to reverse a court decision that has had a significant adverse impact on your case.


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