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Facts to Know About Slip and Fall or Trip and Fall Injury

Greenberg Injury Law - Personal Injury Attorney in Boca Raton, Florida > Slip and Fall Injury Lawyer Boca  > Facts to Know About Slip and Fall or Trip and Fall Injury

Facts to Know About Slip and Fall or Trip and Fall Injury

The term “slip and fall” or “trip and fall” is used for the personal injury caused when individual trips or slips and gets injured because of the negligence of others. Slip and fall cases are part of a broader case category called ‘premises liability.

One of the most common lawsuits filed under the premises liability category is slip and fall or trip and fall injury. Sometimes, such incidents may cause life-threatening injuries and need immediate medical attention. Despite this fact, it can be difficult to properly get compensated, and if necessary, to file, prove, and win a case. Slip and Fall Injury Lawyer Boca can be of quick help if you want to get the best lawyers to take up your slip, and fall or trip and fall case.

Whether your situation involves relatively minor or major injuries, treatment costs are quite expensive, and often medical treatment must or should be continued for a long period of time. Be sure you seek adequate compensation to properly compensate you for your injuries.

Listed below are the necessary steps you must take after the slip and fall accident

1. Get yourself treated first
After the slip or trip and fall accident, you should promptly visit a doctor and seek proper treatment for your injuries. Moreover, visiting a doctor and getting your injuries documented can help to strengthen your case. Medical records are strong evidence that is necessary for you to file a meaningful claim.

2. Report the events
Make sure to report the incident to the owner of the property, the store manager, or whosoever is responsible for the premises where the incident happened. Get the report written, and if possible, signed by the individual taking the report, and always obtain and keep a copy of it.

3. Documentation is important
Make sure to collect the contact information of any witnesses to the incident, as their statements would support your case.

4. Do not give any statement to the opposite party
Communicate only the basic information with the manager or the property owner. Immediately after the incident, you are unlikely to properly remember much that happened. And do not yet know the severity of your injuries. Any information or statement provided by you can be used against you when you are more likely to have the correct and complete.

5. Get legal support
An attorney can be of great help when you need sound advice on what you should do and how to proceed with a slip and fall or trip and fall claim. You can consider qualified lawyers from Slip and Fall Injury Lawyer Boca as they have many years of experience in handling premises injury cases.

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