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Food Safety and Types of Food Contamination

Greenberg Injury Law - Personal Injury Attorney in Boca Raton, Florida > Boca Raton  > Food Safety and Types of Food Contamination

Food Safety and Types of Food Contamination

The number of diseases or death due to contaminated, negligently prepared, or adulterated food is quite high due to the presence of harmful bacteria and microorganisms. Food contamination injuries, often called food poisoning, can affect anyone and can cause you to incur significant medical expenses. If your illness was the result of negligence by a restaurant’s employee or food contamination, then you may be entitled to receive compensation. An experienced Greenberg Injury Law attorney can help you file a claim.

Biological food contamination
The most common reason for food poisoning or spoilage is biological contamination. It occurs when harmful organisms such as bacteria contaminate food. If food is mishandled the chances of contamination increase.

Chemical Food Contamination
Some of the common sources of contamination are:
● Unwashed vegetables and fruits: Pesticides and bacteria on fruits and vegetables can be harmful if consumed.
● Kitchen cleaning products: Storing food and cleaning agents in the same place is not advisable since they can mix.
● Containers made of unsafe plastic: Always use food containers which are specifically designed for food storage purposes.

Physical Food Contamination
It occurs when physical objects such as hair, glass, metal, insects, dirt, jewelry, or fingernails contaminate the food. The food prep area and storage area must be kept clean and in compliance with governmental standards. Wearing a hairnet or hat while preparing food is required by law. Coughing and sneezing before handling the food can also result in contamination.

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