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Causes of Truck Accidents

Causes of Truck Accidents

Commercial trucks present a big danger to smaller vehicles and their passengers. The cause of truck accidents includes driver error, cargo shift due to improper loading, and mechanical issues. The Following are a few causes for truck accidents:

  1. Unrealistic schedules: Dispatchers can have unrealistic delivery expectations, forcing drivers to make up time by speeding.
  2. Inexperienced drivers.
  3. Manufacturing defects or vehicle malfunction
  4. Inadequate maintenance
  5. Distracted drivers
  6. Overworked and tired drivers.
  7. Poorly loaded cargo that shifts during transport.

To avoid accidents, passenger cars need to avoid the following:

  • Darting in front of a truck and hitting the brakes.
  • Letting a truck tailgate your vehicle.
  • Passing a truck on the right, especially when it is making a turn.
  • Distracted drivers.
  • Following a truck too closely. If you cannot see the side mirrors, a truck cannot see you.
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