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What to Ask a Car Accident Attorney before Hiring one

GreenbergLaw > Car Accident  > What to Ask a Car Accident Attorney before Hiring one

What to Ask a Car Accident Attorney before Hiring one

A car accident attorney Boynton is usually hired in cases where legal assistance is needed to deal with insurance companies when there have been injuries. If this unfortunately happens, your interests are best served by an experienced lawyer. Once you have a shortlist of attorneys ask them the following questions:

How long have you been practicing and what is your primary area of practice?

Hiring an experienced lawyer is important because they have a better understanding of the law and the factors that affect each case. You’ll need a personal injury lawyer that focuses in car accidents.

What percentage of the practice deals with car accident cases?

This question will give you a fair idea of the firm’s area of focus. If fewer than half the firm’s cases deal with car accident cases, their focusmay be in other areas.

Do you have experience negotiating and fighting with insurers?

Accident cases involve insurance companies. A car accident attorney Boynton will have to deal with the insurance companies and make you case effectively.

How good is my case?

Any lawyer who will guarantee a win is not being completely honest. A good lawyer will give you a fair assessment of your case and may give you a range of settlements in similar cases.

Do you have litigation experience?

Accident cases can become contentious, especially if there is a loss of life, severe damages to property, or a dispute over liability. Such cases can end up in court and you will need a lawyer who has experience in the courtroom.

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