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Why an Accident Lawyer Delray Beach is crucial for your Personal Injury Claim

GreenbergLaw > Uncategorized  > Why an Accident Lawyer Delray Beach is crucial for your Personal Injury Claim

Why an Accident Lawyer Delray Beach is crucial for your Personal Injury Claim

If you find yourself injured due to another person’s negligence, it is always worth your while to consult with an experienced accident lawyer Delray Beach. Hiring an attorney to represent you could ultimately affect the outcome of your claim. Below are a few reasons why personal injury attorneys are so valuable…

They Understand Insurance Company Tactics.

Dealing with personal injury cases and attorneys is not a foreign concept to insurance companies. It benefits them to do everything they can to ensure that the individual filing the claim does not get a large payout. The less they are required to pay, the better off the insurance carrier. An attorney representing you will ensure that you are getting fair compensation from an insurance company for your injury and/or damages.

They Can Provide the Necessary Documentation for Your Side of the Claim.

Proving a personal injury claims requires the use of various documents can range from medical records, pictures, witness statements, police reports, and/or medical bills. An accident lawyer Delray Beach will take the time to sit down with you, learn every detail about your unique case, and assist you in obtaining and collecting the necessary documentation to support your claim.

They Represent You.

Personal injury attorneys are experts in personal injury law.  These laws are complex and may sound foreign to those not well-versed in practicing law.  An attorney that specializes in personal injury cases knows your legal rights, and will work with your best interest in mind when it comes to a personal injury claim.

 They Follow-Up with Insurance Companies.

As mentioned earlier, it is in the insurer’s best interest to limit the payout for personal injury claims. An attorney will take care of negotiating with the insurance companies, and can ultimately file a lawsuit on your behalf as needed.  They will also ensure that the insurance company acts within a timely manner.

Pursuing All Liable Parties.

Sometimes there is more than one party at fault for an accident. An experienced personal injury attorney spends time exploring these possibilities for you, and will have strategies on how to maximize your recovery while holding as many liable parties accountable as possible.

If you find yourself needing legal representation for injuries sustained in an accident, call the accident lawyer Delray Beach of Greenberg & Strelitz, P.A. for your free initial consultation for all injury matters.

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