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How you can prepare for your consultation with your accident attorney Boca Raton

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How you can prepare for your consultation with your accident attorney Boca Raton

When you make the decision to hire a personal injury lawyer to represent you, they will take the lead and guide you throughout the legal process that accompanies a personal injury claim. Prior to meeting with an attorney for the first time, it is recommended that you come prepared with some information for your consultation that the lawyer will need to properly assess your claim. Keeping records and information regarding your incident is vital for both you and your lawyer. Providing the following information to your accident attorney Boca Raton is a great start when meeting for your consultation:


When the accident occurred. This information is critical, and provides the attorney with the necessary information to determine if you have a claim that can proceed within the applicable Florida statute of limitations. If you received a police report documenting the accident, an incident report, or any other document stating when the injury occurred, provide this to the attorney as well.
Photographs of the scene and injuries. Photos of the scene of the accident and any injuries are extremely important. These photos can help eliminate doubt and assign liability to the at fault party(ies). Furthermore, injuries can change in appearance very quickly, and having images at those varying stages can help support your injury claim.
Injuries sustained as well as any financial losses because of the injury. When it comes to seeking financial compensation, it is imperative to keep meticulous records of everything that has occurred as a direct result from your injury. Keep all medical records and bills that resulted from being involved in the accident. Additionally, keep record of any losses you sustained such as lost wages, insurance deductible(s) that you paid, and personal losses.
Parties involved. Your accident attorney Boca Raton will need to know who was directly involved in your accident as well as information to contact those parties. This is important because it will help your lawyer pursue the responsible individual, insurance company, or business.


Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about any personal injury issues. If you or someone you love has been injured due to the negligence or wrongdoing of another, the accident attorney Boca Raton at Greenberg & Strelitz, P.A. are here for you. Call (561) 361-4100 to have your free initial consultation for all injury matters.

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